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Therapeutic assessment is an ongoing process and begins when the child  first comes to live with us. An assessment of need is completed within the first six weeks by our care staff and onsite psychology team.

The process is guided by the child's readiness for individual sessions & the therapeutic goals.

Once a child has developed trust & feels safe, individual therapy sessions are provided.

The therapeutic models used are;

  • Developmentally sensitive

  • Empirically supported

  • Culturally appropriate

The assessment, carried out on entry, will be used to plan each child's individual therapeutic intervention programme.

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“The service has been excellent at maintaining contacts with families”

- Social Worker

Adverse Childhood Experiences

We talk a lot about how ACE’s affect our group of children. Sometimes it’s the children themselves who best put into words the devastating impact of ACE’s;


Steven that’s me

Sometimes I think why me?

Open your eyes and see

That you left me

Off to my gran’s we must go

Wish we were old enough to say no.

But we can’t

Because there’s nowhere else to go

Just a Kid who wants his family

But daddy just left calmly

No word for fourteen years

All you did was left me in tears

And all you did was hang around your peers.

Written by a 15-year-old, who had been with us for about 4 years, prior to that, he was in various care placements from aged 5 years.

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