HMIE Reports

HMIE Reports

Please find below a link to our most recent HMIE inspection report. The report can be viewed by clicking on the link;

HMIE Inspection Report

Here are the evaluations for Northview House School.

We also evaluated the following aspects of the work of the school.

Key Strengths of the School

  • The combined impact of care, therapeutic support and education provided by staff which improves the wellbeing and attainment of children and young people.

  • The quality of therapeutic support provided by the psychological team which plays a critical role in helping young people to cope with the trauma they have suffered.

  • The positive impact of outdoor education on young people in providing enjoyable learning experiences and promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

  • The strong nurturing ethos which permeates all aspects of children’s and young people’s experiences.

  • The clarity and direction of leadership provided by the senior management team.

Terry Carr

HM Inspector

13 January 2015