Northview House

Northview House is situated in the heart of community. There is easy access to appropriate leisure facilities and good transport links.

A homely setting is provided for the children, with each child having a single room with ensuite facilities. The accommodation is of a high standard. There is plenty of space both outdoors and indoors.

Staffing ratios are high at all times and the staff are trained to the highest level of expertise.

The main house has six bedrooms with a further one bedroom cabin in the grounds which can help support a young person's independence.  

There is an extensive orchard and vegetable garden within the grounds of the house which helps our young people develop an understanding of health and well being.

The table below is a summary of the quality grades awarded by the Care Inspectorate for Northview House;

"...these people really care about me. I know they want the very best for me."

Young person

Our latest inspection reports can be accessed using the below link;

Curo Salus - Northview House